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Join Twitterstorm: Tell UN that state and corporate complicity in Israeli apartheid must end

As the United Nations holds its annual General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, join the global Twitterstorm between 2pm and 4pm TODAY calling on the UN to take concrete action to end state and corporate complicity in Israeli apartheid. This Twitterstorm is part of a week of action calling on the UN to investigate Israeli apartheid and to work to end it.

Use the hashtags #UNGA75 #UNInvestigateApartheid #SanctionsOnApartheid

The UN played an important role in bringing apartheid in Southern Africa to an end – investigating South Africa’s apartheid regime and imposing sanctions on it, but the UN has not yet assumed its responsibility for acting to eradicate Israeli apartheid.

This week, Palestinian civil society, with support from hundreds of organizations worldwide, issued a call for the UNGA and its Member States to investigate Israel’s apartheid regime, and to impose targeted sanctions by all States to stop Israeli apartheid and illegal annexation of Palestinian land.

Governments help to sustain Israeli apartheid through complicit relations, particularly arms trade and military-security cooperation with it. They have a legal responsibility to end complicity and dismantle apartheid.

Tell the UN and Member States to end arms trade with Israel – CLICK TO TWEET

Corporations are also essential to sustaining Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. They not only provide the tools to maintain Israel’s system of oppression, but also profit from it.

This year, the UN finally took a first step towards corporate accountability, publishing a database of 112 companies involved in Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

Share the message that governments and institutions must cease business with complicit companies in the UN database – CLICK HERE TO TWEET

While a step in the right direction, the UN’s settlement database is incomplete. Companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE), which maintains servers for Israel’s segregationist population registry, including the database of illegal settlers, are not in the database.

Urge the UN to add HPE to its settlement database – CLICK HERE TO TWEET

Similarly, the Mexican construction giant CEMEX, which is helping build Israel’s apartheid wall and operates four factories in Israel’s illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, is also not in the UN database.

Tell the UN to add apartheid profiteer CEMEX to the settlement database – CLICK HERE TO TWEET

Apartheid was wrong in South Africa, and it is wrong in Palestine. It’s time for the UN to act to end government and corporate complicity, and pave the way for accountability, and for freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people.

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