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Take Action: Demand Israel releases Khalil Al Halabi – imprisoned without conviction for almost five years

Dear friends,

My name is Khalil Al Halabi, the father of Mohammad Al Halabi, the former World Vision-Australia director for the West Bank and Gaza.

Mohammad was arrested on false allegations in June 2016 and is held in the notorious Ramon Prison in Israel. UN experts have called for his release.

I am calling on all friends of Palestine to participate in a Month of Action in January by sending the following letter to the Irish Government demanding action to secure my innocent son’s immediate release.

Our family, including Mohammed’s five young children, are desperate to have him free and home again. We have lost more than four years of loving family life together.

Mohammed has been forced to attend court 154 times… attendance #155 will be on 31 January 2021.

Please help my son.

Khalil Al Halabi


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