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The Palestine Podcast #15: Prof. Jeff Halper on ‘War Against the People: Israel, The Palestinians and Global Pacification’

The Palestine Podcast showcases a selection of lectures, talks and interviews featuring leading experts and social justice activists active on the Palestine-Israel issue. Brought to you by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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mp3PP#15 – Prof. Jeff Halper on ‘War Against the People: Israel, The Palestinians and Global Pacification’ [2016-01-21] – (Download here)


Professor Jeff Halper launched his new book, ‘War against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification’ in Dublin on Thursday 21st January 2016. It was hosted by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign as part of the End The Irish Arms Trade With Israel campaign (see

Prof. Halper provided a survey of Israel’s weapons technology and population subjugation/control methods, for which the occupation of Palestine an Israeli live-testing facility, Halper says, thus allowing it to export high-tech weaponry that has been tested in ‘pacifying’ a population under occupation. Halper argues that this allows Israel to thrive in the global arms market, winning under-the-counter support from many governments that crtiticise it publicly, while buying and investing in its technology of repression.

This is a matter of vital importance in our increasingly surveilled, militarised and repressively policed world, and this book is an eye-opening and sobering read.

About the Book

Modern warfare has a new form. The days of international combat are fading. So how do major world powers maintain control over their people today?

This book is a disturbing insight into the new ways world powers such as the US, Israel, Britain and China forge war today. It is a subliminal war of surveillance and whitewashed terror, conducted through new, high-tech military apparatuses, designed and first used in Israel against the Palestinian population. Including hidden camera systems, sophisticated sensors, information databases on civilian activity, automated targeting systems and, in some cases, unmanned drones, it is used to control the very people the nation’s leaders profess to serve.

War Against the People represents a new stage in Halper’s thinking. He explains, “This book began with a question that many activists like myself have asked over the years: How does Israel get away with it?”

Drawing from years of research, as well as investigations and interviews conducted at international arms fairs, Halper reveals that this practice is much more insidious than was previously thought. As Western governments tighten the grip on their use of private information and claw back individual liberties, War Against the People is a timely reminder that fundamental human rights are being compromised for vast sections of the world, and that this is a subject that should concern everyone.

About the Speaker

Jeff Halper spent nearly 20 years as head of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). His previous book, An Israeli in Palestine, opens with the destruction of his friend Salim Shawamreh’s home in Anata, a village near Jerusalem. This event forced Halper, who had been a committed Zionist, to confront what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza. He is the author of An Israeli in Palestine (Pluto, 2008) and Obstacles to Peace (ICAHD, Fifth Edition, 2013).

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