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The Palestine Podcast #1: Dr. Mustafa Barghouti on ‘Promised Lands: How Israel Sabotaged the Two State Solution’

The Palestine Podcast showcases a selection of lectures, talks and interviews featuring leading experts and social justice activists active on the Palestine-Israel issue. Brought to you by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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mp3Palestine Podcast #1 –  Dr. Mustafa Barghouti on ‘Promised Lands: How Israel Sabotaged the Two State Solution’ [2013-12-03] – (Download here)

INFO: Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi is one of the most significant figures in contemporary Palestinian politics.  He is a  member of the Palestinian parliament; a 2005 presidential candidate; General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative and former Minister of Information under the first National Unity Government in Palestinian history. He has made an extraordinary contribution to initiatives which peacefully challenge the ongoing Israeli Occupation of Palestine, as well as efforts to build the institutional framework of Palestinian civil society and promote the principles of internal democracy and good governance.

This event, hosted by Sadaka, was a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the current political situation in Palestine from one of its most prominent politicians.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast reflect the opinions of the speaker(s) only and do not reflect the views of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign unless otherwise explicitly stated.

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