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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Report: Hunger for Justice relay hunger strike in solidarity with Samer Issawi ongoing in Cork

Invoking the memory of former mayor of Cork, Terence MacSwiney, the Cork branch of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign has symbolically joined Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi in his hunger strike for justice. Having collectively fasted for 24 hours on Saturday 20th April at a gathering in St. Patrick’s Street, members of Cork IPSC have started on a ‘hunger strike relay’, where each person will fast for 24 hours before handing the hunger baton to another member or supporter. (If you would like to get involved in the relay, please contact

A statement from Cork IPSC said: “The people of Cork know a thing or two about hunger strikes. One of our Lord Mayors, Terence MacSwiney, died after a hunger strike of 74 days in 1920. But Samer Issawi has already endured more than 250 days of hunger. Gradually turning into a ghost, he has slowed the process of bodily decay because, as well as drinking water, he is taking some vitamins and trace minerals. We cannot match the marathon effort that Samer has already made. But, by acting in relay, we will accompany Samer in hunger until his unconditional release, whether that comes as a result of his death or of his being set free to spend his last days as a free man in his homeland.”

Below are the names of those taking part in the relay, and the dates which they are fasting.

Saturday 20th April – Collective fast
Sunday 21st Apr – Arthur Leahy
Monday 22nd Apr – Hamzah Odeh
Tuesday 23rd Apr – Denis Murphy
Wednesday 24rd Apr – Dan Boyle
Thursday 25th Apr – Jim O Connell
Friday 26th Apr – Ali Al
Saturday 27th Apr – Abdelkrim Ouhab
Sunday 28th Apr – Marianna Frau
Monday 29th Apr – Ali Al
Tuesday 30th Apr – Deirdre O’Connell
Wednesday 1st of May – Ger Morgan
Thursday 2nd of May – Abdelkrim Ouhab
Friday 3rd May – Jim Bowen
Saturday 4th May – Kate O’Sullivan

The following have also pledged to take up the hunger baton should Samer remain in prison beyond the 4th May.

Dervla Murphy
Dominick Donnelly
Jarlath McGrath
Anthony Blanquer
Penny Bowen
Ciara Burke
Joe Moore
Mike Rahr
Ultan Patrick Connolly
Theresa McKermott
Martin Campion

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