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Palestine’s Blood, Israel’s Profit: ‘The Lab’ national film tour with director Yotam Feldman (28 March – 2 April)

In late March and early April the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign and several other organsiations are hosting special national film screening tour featuring the award winning new documentary about the military-industrial complex in Israel which explores how it is helping to turn Palestine’s blood into Israel’s profit.

This series of FREE SCREENINGS will take place in the following dates. All screenings will be followed by a discussion with the film’s director, Yotam Feldman who is on a tour of Ireland.

Saturday 28 March – Lurgan: 3pm, Ashburn Hotel, Lurgan
Monday 30 March – Galway: 7pm, Cairnes Theatre, National University of Ireland Galway
Tuesday 31 March – Cork: 7pm, Lecture Theatre G.05 (on the ground floor of the Western Gateway Building, on Western Road), University College Cork
Wednesday 1 April – Dublin: 7pm, Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin
Thursday 2 April – Limerick: 8pm, Pery’s Hotel, Glentworth Street, Limerick

The film reveals that Palestine has become a gigantic ‘Laboratory’ full of live subjects, and how this transformed the Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank from a burden to a marketable, highly profitable, national asset; something which many Western governments and institutions – including our own government and several Irish universities – are complicit in. As Feldman says, “The world is hypocritical. I mean, the same governments, in Europe especially, which are criticizing Israel for the use of military force against civilians, for collateral damage etc, are the same governments which are buying weapons from Israel, which are allowing Israel to produce new weapons and use new weapons in Gaza.”

As the film’s blurb says: “Since 9/11, the Israeli arms industries are doing bigger business than ever before. Large Israeli companies develop and test the vessels of future warfare, which is then sold worldwide by private Israeli agents, who manipulate a network of Israeli politicians and army commanders, while Israeli theoreticians explain to various foreign countries how to defeat civil and para-military resistance. All based on the extensive Israeli experience.”

This is a very important film that shines a much needed light into a very dark area of the Israeli and international collusion in the destruction of the Palestinian people. It is a compelling investigation into one of the reasons we are calling for an end to the Irish Arms Trade with Israel.

Director: Yotam Feldman
Year: 2013
Runtime: 60minutes
Language: Hebrew and English

About the director:

Yotam Feldman is an Israeli filmmaker and journalist. He has worked for Haaretz as investigative journalist writing about issues concerning the relationship between military operations and financial profit, arms deals, and ‘national security’ industry. He is currently conducting research about Israeli activity in Africa.

The tour is hosted by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign Trinity College Dublin Apartheid Free Campus Campaign, NUIG Palestine Solidarity Society, and Academics For Palestine.


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