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Palestine Podcast #30: Benjamin Ladraa on ‘As long as the world is burning: The Walk to Palestine’

The Palestine Podcast showcases a selection of lectures, talks and interviews featuring leading experts and social justice activists active on the Palestine-Israel issue. Brought to you by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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mp3PP#30 – Benjamin Ladraa on ‘As long as the world is burning: The Walk to Palestine’ [2018-06-26] – (Download here)


In 2017, Benjamin Ladraa left his home in Sweden and started walking southeast. He recounts incredible adventures on the road to Palestine, his brush with Israeli secret service in Prague, his quest for unconditional human rights for all people, his thoughts on the brutal conflict there and the nature of activism and how collective actions can have a lasting impact.

Music by KarismaBeatz & EzY – Arabic night

Dan Spanner – Long Live Palestine

About the speaker

Benjamin Ladraa is a Swedish human rights activist known for advancing awareness of human rights violations in the Palestine. In 2017 he embarked on a solo 4,800km trek from Sweden to Palestine, via thirteen countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

About the podcaster

Shaun O’Neill is an Irish podcast-maker who holds a Masters Degree in theology from Uppsala University in Sweden. He has a keen interest in The Middle East, humanitarian work and social justice.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast reflect the opinions of the speaker(s) only and do not reflect the views of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign unless otherwise explicitly stated.

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