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Love Under Apartheid – Don’t engage with Israeli Blood Diamonds!

It’s Valentine’s Day today. For some that means doing something special with the one you love. For others it may mean a bout of crushing loneliness. For others still it means a day invented to sell more products. If you are Khader Adnan, it means another day on hunger strike with the spectre of death closing in as you starve for political prisoners’ rights.

Whatever it means to you personally, in Palestine, this Valentine’s Day will be just another day under Israel’s brutal Apartheid regime. This is a point well made by this very funny video produced by the people behind Love Under Apartheid.

If you go to the website, you can watch some more serious short videos wherein Palestinians tell of very real ways in which the Israeli Apartheid system affects their ability to share their lives with loved ones. As the website’s creator, Tanya Keilani, says:

“The project developed after a particularly compelling conversation with a good friend about her relationship with her fiancé. We were having dinner when she shared her story, detailing the difficulties of maintaining her relationship, and concerns she and her fiancé have about the future. It was then that I fully understood the extent to which the Israeli apartheid system affects individuals by restricting a deeply personal right: their right to love.

After reflecting on my friend’s story, I became outraged that, because of the Israeli occupation, she couldn’t be with the person she loved. I knew her story was not the only one of its kind, and proposed we collect those of others working to resist the apartheid that has defined and directed their lives.

In a place where love is made nearly impossible, these stories hope to capture singular moments of love in struggle. I hope you’ll watch the videos, share them with friends, family and loved ones, and join us in defending the right to love.

The IPSC would also take this opportunity to remind lovers (and everybody else) not to engage with Israeli Blood Diamonds. Israeli cut and polished diamonds fund the occupation to the tune of an estimated $1 billion per year,  according to Israeli economist Shir Hever. Despite this, Israeli diamonds are not classified as “conflict diamonds” under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) – the mechanism allegedly designed to allow only the sale of diamonds from sources which are free of diamond-funded conflict. For  more about this issue, see this section of our website.

Finally, we just had to share this wonderful video made by the good people at Very funny, and featuring a great ‘cast’ including Ali Abunimah, Max Blumenthal and Anna Baltzer. For a bit of background, see MondoWeiss, and if you like it why not check out shitliberalzionistssay.

Have a good St. Valentine’s Day friends!

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