Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Israeli Blood Diamonds Campaign – Complaint to the ASAI

Earlier this month jewellers and shoppers in Hatton Garden, London learned a little more about the trade in so-called conflict free diamonds from Israel that are funding the Israeli war machine . Some pictures from the action in Hatton Garden can be seen by clicking here.

When the diamond industry and jewellers claim their diamonds are conflict free, consumers are led to believe that they are not funding human rights violations, but, as we know, that is not the case as the market is heavily contaminated with diamonds from Israel that generate revenue used to fund the Israeli military which stands accused of war crimes.

A Statement of Case has been prepared to lodge a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland in relation to the use of the term “conflict free” by jewellers in Ireland.  The complaint will be lodged on Tuesday.

If you would like to co-sign the complaint send an email to with your email address and location before Tuesday 13th September.  The case setting out why we believe it is misleading and deceptive for jewellers to describe diamonds as conflict free can be read here.

The annual plenary of the Kimberley Process is expected to take place Kinshasa, DR Congo sometime early in November. The petition calling for a review of the KP definition of a conflict diamond will be closed in about three weeks.  We need to encourage more people to sign the petition and to share it with their contacts over the next few weeks.

Sign the petition here:

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