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European Parliamentarians board Gaza bound ship as SV Estelle expected in Gaza by weekend

At noon on Tuesday October 16th, additional passengers joined the SV Estelle
– Ship to Gaza, to join its mission to breach the illegal siege of Gaza. (Note: You can sign the petition in support of the ship here)

Members of Parliament from Greece, Norway, Sweden and Spain embarked on Estelle at sea in international waters, in an action south of the Greek archipelago. A Greek coastguard vessel nearby did not interfere as the transfer occurred outside of Greek waters.

They are now together with activists and crew from Canada, Finland, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Estelle is estimated to reach Gaza during the upcoming weekend.

Recently, 80 Irish parliamentarians – from north and south – joined together to support the Estelle and the Gaza flotilla movement. For the statement of support by the Irish politicians and the full list of signatures, see:
Unprecedented cross-party call by Irish politicians for an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza

The Estelle is carrying humanitarian goods including medicine and reconstruction materials that are banned or heavily restricted by Israel.

Reacting to today’s developments, Fintan Lane of Gaza Action Ireland
said: “Israel has no right to stop the Estelle and the ship should be allowed to bring its humanitarian cargo directly to the port of Gaza.
This inhuman blockade has gone on for far too long and must be ended.
The people of Gaza are entitled to their human rights and dignity just like people anywhere else. The Israeli siege is a politically motivated act of collective punishment and is entirely illegal under international law. The international community needs to be more robust in its opposition to this appalling blockade.”

“It is wonderful to see so many parliamentarians take a stand for human rights when governments won’t. We applaud those who boarded the Estelle off the Greek coast today.”

He concluded: “Many people in Ireland are watching the progress of the Estelle and wishing it well. In particular, those of us who were on the MV Saoirse last November when it was seized by Israeli forces in international waters are following developments anxiously. Our fingers are crossed.”


Contact: Fintan Lane (Gaza Action Ireland): 087 1258325

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