Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Emergency Appeal: Help us to keep fighting for Palestine!

We hope you are safe and well in these fearful and uncertain times. We mourn all of those who have been lost, and send love and solidarity to all those who have lost. We know that for many of you these are difficult times both mentally and financially.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to say, these are very difficult times for the IPSC too.

We will be blunt – this year we stand to lose thousands of Euro as result of not being able to run our normal fundraising activities. With bills, rent and wages to pay, this represents a crisis for our solidarity work, and a direct threat to our future as an effective campaigning organisation.


We ask those of you who may be in a position to do so to please consider donating to the IPSC via one of the following methods.

A MONTHLY BANK STANDING ORDER (click here for details on establishing a SO). Even €5 or €10 per month – the price of a few cups of coffee – is greatly appreciated!

A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION ON PAYPAL or iFUNDRAISE – although this method does have certain drawbacks, not least that PayPal and iFundraise take a cut of every transaction, and contributions automatically cancel when a bank card expires.

A ONCE OFF DONATION BY CHEQUE, BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL or iFUNDRAISE – we are truly grateful for any and all donations!

We sincerely thank all of our volunteers, members and friends for your continued support during this difficult period. We especially thank all those who have already made donations or who have kept their monthly contributions active or increased them. Without you we would not be here at all!

We need your financial support to help us weather this storm, so that we can come out on the other side fighting for justice, and not just fighting for survival.

Free, Free Palestine!

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