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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Cork solidarity fasting relay called off as Samer Issawi reaches release deal

A message from Cork IPSC, who had organised a hunger strike relay in solidarity with Samer Issawi:

As you might already know, Samer Issawi has agreed to stop his hunger strike after signing an agreement with Israeli prisons authorities who promised he will be released to his village Al-A’essaweya in 8 months time. Therefore we have decided to interrupt the relay fasting, for the moment.

However we must not forget about the other Palestinian political prisoners who are continuing their hunger strike to protest against the lack of a fair trial and denial of due process, forcible transfer and deportation, physical and mental mistreatment and torture, medical neglect.

Israel’s decision to allow Samer to go back to his village is a big victory, we must keep raising awareness among the public about this very important issue.

Please join us on Saturday at 1 pm in Daunt Square to demonstrate against Israel’s violations of Palestinian detainees’ rights.

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