Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Cork] Monthly Palestine Street Awareness Campaign

Hi friends. The Monthly Palestine Street Awareness Campaign and march for Boycotting Israeli products is happening this coming Saturday 31st March, Daunt Square, Cork City at 1pm. Also, we will be distributing sponsorship cards on Saturday for our upcoming Hill Walk in the Galtee Mountains on the 15th of April if you would like to join the walk or know of anyone else who might be interested.

Also, the following month on Saturday the 28th April, we will have the CRH Apartheid Wall Road Show in Cork. We will be looking for as many volunteers as possible to inform the public on CRH’s role in the construction of the Apartheid wall and illegal settlements. Also, we need to get the public’s signatures calling on CRH to divest from their Israeli interests. Follow link to see more:
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Cork.
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