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Palestine Podcast #41: Yara Harawi & Rania Muhareb on ‘Israeli Annexation: Precedents, Ramifications, and Resistance’

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mp3PP#41 – Yara Harawi & Rania Muhareb on ‘Israeli Annexation: Precedents, Ramifications, and Resistance’ [2020-06-16] – (Download here)


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to begin annexing parts of the West Bank as soon July 2020. What are the implications of such a move, and what can be learned from Israel’s previous illegal annexations of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights?  

In this Policy Lab hosted by Palestinian think-tank Al-Shabaka, Yara Hawari and Rania Muhareb join host Nur Arafeh to weigh in on what annexation means, its significance within Zionist thought and Israeli history, and potential avenues to push back against future land grabs.  

About the Speakers

Rania Muhareb is a legal researcher and advocacy officer with the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq. She holds an LLM in international human rights and humanitarian law from the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and a BA in political science from Sciences Po Paris.

Dr. Yara Hawari is a writer and senior policy analyst for Al Shabaka. In addition to her academic work which focused on indigenous studies and oral history, she is also a frequent political commentator writing for various media outlets including The Guardian, Foreign Policy and Al Jazeera English. She frequently documents and reports on abuses committed by Israeli occupation forces in Palestine.

This audio is courtesy of Al-Shabaka, The Palestinian Policy Network – an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and foster public debate on Palestinian human rights and self-determination within the framework of international law. You can donate to their work here:

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast reflect the opinions of the speaker(s) only and do not reflect the views of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign unless otherwise explicitly stated.

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