Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Audio: ‘The achievements of the Flotilla Movement and building solidarity with Palestine’

L-R: Hugh Lewis, Pat Fitzgerald, Raymond Deane, Fintan Lane, Mags O'Brien

On Thursday 7th July the Irish Ship To Gaza Campaign hosted a public meeting featuring returnees from Freedom Flotilla II talking about the achievements of the Flotilla Movement and future actions for building solidarity with Palestine. The talk took place in the Connolly Room in Dublin’s Liberty Hall and over 50 people were in attendance.

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About the meeting:

Despite being unable to sail to Gaza, the Freedom Flotilla movement succeeded in mobilising genuinely popular international support to challenge the conspiracy of silence on the occupation of Palestine and blockade of Gaza by Israel, which is overtly and tacitly enforced by some of the most powerful governments in the world.

In Ireland, we have succeeded in transforming the terms of public debate about the occupation of Palestine, so that whereas before the flotilla’s departure many people either weren’t aware of the issue or accepted uncritically the official narrative of events propounded by the government of Israel’s propaganda machine, now increasing number of people are aware of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, its roots in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and maritime blockade, and the mendacious and violent lengths to which the Israeli government and its complicit allies will go to stamp out peaceful opposition to it.

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