Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Waterford Greenway] Solidarity Steps for Palestine (IPSC)

Walk and social gathering to raise funds for the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

We invite all of you who are in solidarity with the Palestinian people to take part in this fun fundraiser in support of the work of Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign as we campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice, equality and freedom.


All you need to do is join us on the day for the short walk.

* Make a donation by following one of the links below. Anyone who can donate €20 or more will receive a ‘Free Palestine’ keepcup – if you want to receive the keepcup, please email us at after you’ve donated.

* Share a picture when you have completed the run/walk on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #SolidaritySteps #Move4Palestine and nominate one or more friends to do the same. You can also tag us – @ipsc48 (Twitter), @irelandpsc (Instagram) and @IrelandPSC (Facebook)

How to donate

Donate via iFundraise here (just click on the ‘Donate Now’ button):

Donate via Paypal here (just click on the ‘Once-Off Donation’ button):

Why 4.8km?

48 is an important number for Palestinians, representing the year 1948 when hundreds of thousands were expelled from their homeland by Zionist paramilitaries during the Nakba (‘Catastrophe’) and turned into stateless refugees. To the present day, these refugees and their descendants have been denied their UN-mandated Right of Return due to racist laws implemented by the Apartheid State of Israel.

About the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign exists to mobilise people in Ireland to support the political, civil and human rights of all Palestinians, and to work for their national and democratic rights, including the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees.

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