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[Palestine] The Path of Abraham – 8 Days Guided Walking Tour in Palestine (HT)

Hilltop Treks bring you the chance to take part in a walking holiday in Palestine.


Walking along the Path of Abraham

“Discover the ancient wonders of this part of the middle east, the birthplace of many religions and the locations from many Biblical stories from Jericho to Bethlehem. You will be passing through thousands of years of history that is etched in every small town to old cliff side monasteries and monuments. Palestine is a real place of discovery from the dead sea to the River Jordan  to vast deserts and deep mountain Gorges.”

Abraham’s Path travels north to south through the West Bank of Palestine. We start our journey from the Old town of Nablus. This was once  once a thriving market place for many travelers passing through the middle east from the Persians to Romans and the Ottoman. Thee are still many markets here and Turkish Baths from the Ottoman empire.

From Neblus we make our way south through small towns, mountains, open plains and deserts as we follow in the footsteps of Abraham towards his final resting place in Hebron.

Along our way we visit many locations of great historical and religious importance such as the Dead sea, the River Jordan and Bethlehem to name a few.

Included in Cost:

• 7 nights Accomm in Hotels, Family Home, Beduoin.
• 7 Breakfast – varied selection of local dishes.
• Dinner each evening.
• Transfers for the duration of the 8 day tour.
• English speaking guides
• Packed lunches for walks

Not Included

• Flights
• Travel Insurance
• Tips for Guides, Drivers etc.

Date: Oct 4th – 11th 2020

Cost: €1345pps, Hilltop Walking Club Members: €1245pps
Single Supplement €225;
Deposit of €145 required at the time of booking.



Path of Abraham | Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil | Nablus | Roman Sebastiya | Auja Bedouins camp | Jabal Awrma | Duma | Ain Samia | Sleep in a Bedouin camp | Wadi el-Qult | Jericho | Dead Sea swim | Mar Saba Monastery | Nebi musa | Rashaydeh desert |Bethlehem | Church of the Nativity|Banksy Hotel | Jerusalem |

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