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[Palestine] The Palestinian Summer Celebration 2012 (Siraj Center)

The Siraj Center continues to organize unique visits and encounters in Palestine and the Holy Land.  The Palestinian Summer Celebration 2012 ( June 17th– August 12th 2012)  makes a unique visit to experience life in Palestine first hand, live with a local family, volunteer with a local community organization, travel in Palestine and the Holy Land, meet with different speakers, learn Arabic at Bethlehem University, practice preparing Middle Eastern Cuisine and of course learn how to dance Palestinian Folk Dance.


  • The Palestinian Summer Celebration, everything is optional, means one can choose what they like to do and where they want to live, the price is generated upon ones choices.


  • The Palestinian Summer Celebration, provides students with a unique opportunity to learn Arabic at Bethlehem University, and gain a University Transcript  that they can use for their universities back in each one country.


  • The Palestinian Summer Celebration, enables you to meet people not just from Palestine but from all over the world participants.


  • The Palestinian Summer Celebration, tours all over Palestine and the Holy Land, tours that enables participants to be educated about the ongoing Palestinian Israeli conflict.


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