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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Palestine] International Summer Work Camp in Palestine (Lajee Center)

An excellent opportunity to learn about Palestine and life under occupation from the perspective and grassroots level of Palestinian refugees in the various camps across the West Bank.

From 27th July to 10th August, Lajee Center welcomes volunteers from all over the world to participate in its annual international summer work camp in Aida refugee Camp, Palestine. The two-week programme consists of working on developing the land and garden, the only free recreational space in Aida Camp, and learning together about the political, social and economic situation in Palestine from many different people and organisations. Last year, participants learnt about women’s and social issues; political imprisonment; media and journalism; the daily struggles of life under occupation in Palestinian refugee camps, villages and cities. Participants visit many organisations and organise cultural, arts and sports activities with children and youth in Aida Camp. The intensive two weeks is the ideal opportunity to expand knowledge of the situation on the ground, gain an insight into life in occupied Palestine; become involved in voluntary work through developing a safe, recreational space for the community; and build life-long friendships with Palestinians and fellow participants.

The cost of the camp goes directly towards the costs of running it: all accommodation, food and transport within Palestine throughout the two weeks. More information is available from the Lajee Center’s website ( or email (

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