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[Palestine] Bil’in 7th International Conference (Bil’in Popular Committee)

Bil’in 7th International Conference

10-13 April 2012

 Dear Friends

On behalf of The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee & the Bil’in Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements, it is my honour to invite you to participate in the 7th International Conference for Popular Struggle in Bili’n the 10th – 13th of April 2012.

For this reason your participation will be of great significance; as an International Support Committee of Popular Struggle in Palestine will be formed.

The program for this year’s conference includes panel discussion, field trips to exposed areas in the West Bank, introductions to coordinators of the popular committees in Palestine and discussions of the current situation.

The main tentative themes of the conference will include

1.       First day in Bil’in (Ramallah) : Opening

                                    Experience and updates from the ground

                                   Palestinian-Israeli relations; between joint work and normalization

2.       Second day in Hebron (old city):  social media (creative means in popular struggle)

                                            Political parties and popular struggle

                                            International Solidarity Movement speaking (Global Intifada)

3.       Third Day in Silwan (Jerusalem): Jerusalem

                    BDS Movement

4.       Fourth day in Bil’in : Central demonstration



 Looking forward to see you in Bili’n -Palestine

 The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee


The Popular Struggle Committee of Bil’in

00970(0 598403676

00970(0 568403676



                                                                                                   Iyad Burnat

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