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[Online] Premiere: Walled Citizen (Galway Film Fleadh)

Join the ONLINE Galway Film Fleadh at 6pm on Thursday July 9th for this premiere screening of the new Palestinian documentary Walled Citizen – which will be followed by Q&A with cast and crew.

Click here to watch – Cost: €7.50

A Palestinian filmmaker attempts to explore the planet as a backpacker, defying the restrictions of movement imposed on him as a holder of one of the World’s weakest ranking passports.

Over a period of 3 years, Sameer Qumsiyeh travels with his personal camera from Palestine, to Europe, to the Canary Islands, and Ecuador (featuring the Amazon) documenting his encounters with other freedom seekers, wanderers, refugees, immigrants, indigenous communities, and nomads, all of whom are facing physical and non-physical borders, barriers, and walls, that are erected between people in our modern time.


Sameer Qumsiyeh, Motasem Ilaiwi, Rand Naser, Baha’ Hilo, Majd Zoughbi, Ole Norheim, Sara Kristensen, David Rickerby, Wissam Ataba, Husam Ataba, Jawdat Sayeh, Alaa Zubaydi, Majd Salsa’, Nikolaos Gryspolakis, Megan Giovannetti, Max Levinski, Sofiia Levinski, Worood Sharabati, Gaby Quiroz

Director: Sameer Qumsiyeh
Language(s):  Arabic, English

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