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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Limerick] Vigil: Stop Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinian lands

From the Naqab to Sheikh Jarrah to the West Bank —Palestinians are resisting land grabs and the destruction of their homes, and calling for solidarity in their battle against Israel’s ethnic cleansing policies.

Palestinians have called a weekend of protest across their historic lands, and are asking internationals to standing in solidarity with them as they face down the brutality of Israel’s apartheid regime.

We ask you to please join us for an hour this Friday 28th January at 4.30pm on Thomas Street, Limerick to show your opposition to Israel’s actions, and to tell our government that words are not enough, we demand action now!


Over the past few weeks, Israeli armed forces have been ramping up their invasions of Palestinian towns, villages, and neighbourhoods, with bulldozers poised to demolish and destroy. In the Naqab, thousands of Palestinians have come out daily, defiant against the invasions in a massive show of collective resistance to land grabs, facing intense militarised repression and arrests.

These land grabs and demolitions are nothing new: they follow the pattern and Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing set in motion decades ago, to expel or force out as many Palestinians as possible, and to transform their lands into Israeli colonial settlements.

Palestinian land defenders have been bravely facing off against the attempts to displace them, and they need our support and solidarity now more than ever.

Hosted by Limerick IPSC

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