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[Limerick] Playing House – An Installation by Bisan Abu-Eisheh (EVA International)

BISAN ABU-EISHEH a Palestinian artist is exhibiting his mixed media installation ‘Playing House’ as part of the EVA International 2014 art festival in Limerick. The exhibition runs from Saturday 12th April until 6th July in The Hunt Museum, Rutland St, Limerick.

(2008-2011) mixed media installation. Courtesy of Coleção Teixeira de Freitas

BISAN ABU-EISHEH (b.1985, lives and works in London and Jerusalem)

Playing House is an installation made up of a collection of pieces gathered from demolished houses in Jerusalem. They range from objects utilized in the daily lives of people, such as pieces of clothing, kitchen utensils, toys, and CDs, to architectural components and debris, such as granite, wood, and pipes. For EVA International 2014 the various pieces are presented at The Hunt Museum’s Jewellery Room showcases, each with a label describing its origin (the exact place where it was found), the demolition date of the house in which it was found, and the number of people displaced as a result of demolishing the house. The objects in vitrines are accompanied by a looped video of the destruction of a five story building in the Palestinian district of Beit Hanina, Jerusalem which the artist sourced from YouTube. Playing House recuperates the bureaucratic methods of categorization, information gathering, and archiving used by states to manage, track, and control human populations, and turns them into tools that present and identify the brittleness at the core of their subjects.

BIO Bisan Abu-Eisheh is a Palestinain artist and a M.A. candidate at Central Saint Martins, 2014. He received his B.A. at the International Academy of Art – Palestine. Selected Group Exhibitions include: Hiwar “conversations in Amman”, Darat Al Funon, Amman, Jordan (2013); Points of Departure, ICA Gallery, London, UK (2013); ‘Arrivals and Departures’, the Mediterranean exhibition, Ancona, Italy (2012). The Jerusalem Show on/off Language (2011), and The 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011). He has performed in several art events including: Friday Late night at V&A museum, London, UK. Prayers by Dora Garcia, The Jerusalem Show, Al-Mammal foundation, Jerusalem (2009). Hello Jerusalem by Hello Earth Danish group, the Palestinian national theatre, Jerusalem (2009). Selected Residencies include: Hiwar “Conversations in Amman” at Darat al Funon Foundation, Amman, Jordan. (2013). Radio Materiality at Vessel Art Project, Bari, Italy (2013). Points of Departure at The Delfina Foundation, London (2012)

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