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GAZA: A conversation with Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell (MU English)

On Monday 20th November at 5pm, Join Maynooth University English for a conversation with Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell on their critically acclaimed film GAZA. Hosted by Dr Rita Sakr and Dr Denis Condon (MU English)


If you haven’t yet seen the film, you can rent it online here.

From the Directors’ Note:

‘There are few places in the world that evoke such a strong visceral response as Gaza… How do you tell the story of such a place?…This is Gaza as you have never seen it before. Far from being a place of misery, it is a land of smiles, joy and even brief moments of hope. We weave these elements with threads of despair, frustration and fatigue, allowing the audience to look deeper and ultimately to understand that life in Gaza moves in cycles, with the weight of the past bearing down on any hope for the future.’

Hosted by Maynooth University English

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