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[Galway] The Occupied Palestinian Territories: A New perspective – Presentation by Israeli lawyer Nery Ramati (ICHR)

The Occupied Palestinian Territories: A New perspective 

Presentation by Israeli lawyer Nery Ramati

Monday 23 October 2017 from 12.30 –  2 pm, 

Seminar Room Irish Centre for Human Rights

Sponsored by Irish Centre for Human Rights/International Law Association (Irish Branch)

Attorney Nery Ramati is a partner in Gaby Lasky and Partners Law Office, a leading human rights office in Israel, specializing in freedom of expression and protest. He has been representing Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights and anti-occupation activists in the military and civil courts since 2008. Mr. Ramati has been representing leading human rights defenders and activists from the Palestinian villages of the popular struggle movement, such as Biilin, Nebi Shalah, Beit Umar, Qadom and more.

He has also provided legal counsel to various organizations engaged in documenting and protesting human rights abuses and violations of international law by the Israeli authorities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. One of his most important achievements is raising the awareness worldwide on the issues of the ill-treatment of the Palestinian minors in the military court system. Due to his continuous struggle in the military courts over the Palestinian minors` rights and the protracted attempts to bring to the change in their legal rights of, this issue came to the fore in the scholarly, political and activist discourse.

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