Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Ennis] Nakba Leafleting and Petition (IPSC)

To mark Nakba Day 2019, the Clare branch of the IPSC will be holding a Nakba Day leaflet action and collecting signatures on the petition against Ireland’s participation in Eurovision. Please join us if you can at The Height on O’Connell Square in Ennis from 12 noon til 2pm on Saturday May 11th.


Nakba Day, which is marked annually by Palestinians and their supporters around the world on 15th May to commemorate the violent dispossession by Israeli-Zionist forces of over 750,000 Palestinians and their expulsion from their homeland during the 1947-49 Nakba (Arabic for ‘Catastrophe’). The state of Israel – declared on 14th May 1948 – was built upon this ethnic cleansing of two thirds of Palestine’s indigenous population. Forced into exile in refugee camps in neighbouring these Palestinians have never been allowed to return to their homeland by Israel. The process of displacement and occupation of Palestinian land is still ongoing. On Nakba Day we demand that the UN mandated right of return for these refugees is respected, protected and enacted by the international community.

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