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[Dublin] Voices From Palestine – Ayman Abu Alzulof on ‘Life Under Occupation’ (PalFest)

Friday 15th July, 5pm

The New Theatre

43 East Essex Street, Temple Bar

Entry to this event is free; donations welcome

Historian and Alternative Tourism Group Coordinator Ayman Abu Alzulof will give an insightful account into the everyday reality of life under constant occupation in Palestine, the history of the area and the importance of Alternative Tourism to Palestine.

Ayman Abu Alzulof works at the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG), a Palestinian NGO specialising in  tours that present a critical look at the history, culture and politics of Palestine and its complex relationship with Israel. Located in Beit Sahour, the ATG was founded as a non-profit tourist agency in 1995, when many Palestinians felt that their contemporary culture and the political realities they were living did not find adequate expression in conventional pilgrim-oriented tourism – often organised by Israeli tour companies hostile to the Palestinian experience.

Ayman will also speak after the screening of The Wanted 18 (Wed. 13th July @ 6:30pm, Lighthouse Cinema), as one of the activists involved in hiding 18 cows declared a threat to Israeli security, because of the free milk they provided for local Palestinian families.

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