Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Dublin] Rally for Peace on Earth – Against the Politics of Hatred (SARF)

In this season of peace and joy, we – faith groups, trade unions, community groups, ordinary working women and men, children, families – are coming together on Saturday 14 Dec to sing and eat mince-pies in the spirit of the festive season, and to stand up for an Ireland where everyone feels safe and welcome, where we don’t give airtime to those who seek to divide us and where we can benefit from the richness that all cultures, and all people bring to this island we are proud of.

Sadly today, the far right are trying to divide us. They prey on our concerns about housing, job security and health care. They try to pull us apart with divisive tactics, and distract us from working together for positive change. They try to get us to blame others and fight each other instead of campaigning against the causes of poverty, exclusion, corruption and austerity. They seek to divide because they have no solutions.

We must at this time continue to hold the space of inclusivity and openness against the forces of bigotry, division and hate.

Whether we are white, black, Traveller, settled, brown, LGBTQI+, Asian, straight, Muslim, Christian, Disabled, able-bodied, Jewish, atheist or humanist, this is the time for us all to work together for a better Ireland.

We refuse to stay silent -come and sing in harmony for unity.

Called by Solidarity Against Racism and Fascism.

Supported by

Unite the Union
Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO)
United Against Racism
Irish Network Against Racism (INAR)
Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Irish Football Fans Against Israeli Apartheid
and more TBA

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