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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Dublin] Palestine – Seeking Humanity Conference (UCD Islamic Society & UCD Amnesty)

The Palestine – Seeking Humanity Conference is solely aimed to:

1)promote peace in Palestine,
2)to create awareness and educate the public on what’s happening in Palestine at the moment.

This is a 3 hour conference by three different speakers:

1) Harry Fear, an independent journalist from the UK( Harry Fear tv @Youtube for his documentaries that has captured media attention worldwide)
2) Yaser Al-Ashqar who originates from Gaza with a PhD from Trinity College, and teaches on politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Gaza issues
3) Omar Bhutta, a pharmacy graduate from RCSI who recently went to Gaza and will share his experiences as a delegate of the Palestinian Rights Institute medical convoy to Gaza

So many suffering and sacrifices has been going on in Palestine for the past years. Attack and killing of unarmed civilians especially children, the youth and the elderly has left the Palestinian devastated and deprived of humanity.

In this conference, the audience will be exposed to the truth about Israeli attacks on Palestine, how much the latter suffers and how far the attackers have gone–far beyond the level of thinkable inhumanity.

Organised by UCD Islamic Society in collaboration with UCD Amnesty International

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