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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Dublin] Not in Our Name, Solidarity with Gaza – Naming the Dead, Stop the Killing in Gaza (GAI)

In response to further Israeli attacks on medics, hospitals, ambulance centres, ambulance crews, this action is both urgent and necessary. Pediatric surgeons and first responders will call on the Irish government to take meaningful action for the protection of medical personnel in Gaza.


This event is for medics in Ireland and everyone who wishes to express their mourning for the Palestinian people, express their condolences and show their horror at what is being done to the people there. It is also a means for people to show the Irish government that they do not represent the vast majority of Irish people in their shameful decision to abstain from a UN resolution to call for an investigation into Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, and indeed all of Palestine.

The massacre continues in Gaza, today, the sacred day of Eid, at least 8 children and 2 adults were murdered in one incident and in another a hospital, Al Shifa, was attacked yet again.

Over 1,000 people dead, thousands wounded, tens of thousands displaced, hospitals, schools and ambulances attacked…the dead include more than 200 children.

This demonstration on Thursday, called by Gaza Action Ireland, is a chance to stand with Palestine and to mourn the unspeakable loss inflicted on people there. It is also a demand for a serious response from the Irish Government.

Members of the Irish medical profession and of the Palestinian community in Ireland will share their grief, anger and determination in the face of Israel’s assault.

Bring a white t-shirt or white sheet, pre-splattered or ready to be splattered with red. Signs bearing the names and ages of the dead will be supplied. Beginning at the Dept of Foreign Affairs on Stephen’s Green South, we ask people to gather by 6pm.

Speakers will include medics and emergency workers who are extending their solidarity to their beleaguered colleagues in Gaza, as well as members of the Palestinian community in Ireland.

Please be there and spread the word!


Organised by Gaza Action Ireland. Supported by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Sadaka.

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