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[Dublin] No more – Dublin Remembers the Children of Gaza (PalFest)

On the morning of Wednesday 8th July, the first day of PalFest Ireland, to mark the commencement of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza last July, there will be an art installation placed on Sandymount Strand organised by PalFest. See below for their description of the event and Please join and share on Facebook!

“The installation will comprise 556 white infant vests on uprights, representing the 556 Palestinian children whose lives were brutally cut short in Gaza last July.

We’re inviting people to make the individual items of the exhibition, each representing a lost child of Gaza. Guidelines on how to make them are found on the page.

We’re also inviting people to donate white babygros and baby vests for the installation. In Dublin you can drop them off in The Ark, Eustace Street or in Connolly Books, East Essex St.

We aim to have collected all the vests for this work of art by Friday 3rd July. So please feel free to get involved, the more the better. The world must not forget or ignore what was done to Gaza last year, and what has been done to Palestine for decades. Be part of the collective remembrance.

The installation is based on an original exhibition by artist Tracy Walsh.”

Organised by PalFest Ireland

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