Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Dublin] Information Evening: Volunteering in Palestine (Pal Ed & IPSC)

An evening of information, talks and presentations with former volunteers with the Ecumenical Accompaniers Programme for Palestine and Israel, the Palestine YMCA and the UNIPAL Educational Exchange Programme.

Volunteer opportunities range from a short ten day olive picking placement to medium and longer term placements teaching or working as a human rights’ protector and monitor. Come along to find out ways in which you can help make a difference on the ground in the Palestine.


Ronan Quinn – former volunteer with the Ecumenical Accompaniers Programme (EAPPI) Human Rights’ Protector and Monitoring

David Kinane – former volunteer with the Palestine YMCA Olive Tree Campaign helping farmers stay on their lands.

Richard Irvine – former volunteer with the Palestine YMCA Olive Tree Campaign and former volunteer with UNIPAL teaching in Palestinian Refugee camps in the West Bank and Lebanon.

“For a few short days I tasted the life of being fenced-in, humiliated, delayed, detained, checked and watched. This is the life of Palestinians in the West Bank. This is the condition experienced by Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land. I am astounded by their patience, spirituality, determination and hope. I have returned home from my journey to the Holy Land grateful, spiritually inspired, and newly-sighted about life in Israel and Palestine.”Rev Diane Dulin former YMCA Volunteer

Organised by the Palestine Education Initiative and the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, for further details contact palestineeducation [at]

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