Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Dublin] Emergency Vigil: Stop Killing Palestinians!

On Saturday 16th April there will be an Emergency Vigil for Palestine between 2pm and 3pm at the Spire on Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

This protest is in response to the escalation of violence by Israeli occupation forces over the past two weeks, which has seen at least 12 people – including three children – shot dead and scores of others wounded since the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan; eight people have been killed in the past four days alone.

Over the same period Israeli occupation forces have conducted almost 400 incursions into Palestinian communities, arresting 150 people, including 15 children.


As April 17th is Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, it it important to highlight that Israel now holds 4,450 Palestinian political prisoners in its apartheid jails, where torture, abuse and mistreatment is widespread. These include 160 children, 30 women, and over 500 people interned without even the pretence of a trial.

So far in 2022…

  •  Apartheid Israel has killed 28 Palestinians, including seven children and two women, and wounded 235, including 45 children, two women, two paramedics and ten journalists and five fishermen.
  • Israeli occupation forces have conducted 272 incursions into Palestinian communities and areas, during which 1387 Palestinians have been arrested, including 153 children, 14 women and 14 fishermen.
  • 40 Palestinian families have been made homeless, a total of 244 people, including 47 women and 113 children; 50 houses, 5 residential tents and 29 other civilian building have been demolished; 43 acres of land have been razed; and 49 notices of demolition have been issued.
  • Illegal Israeli settlers have carried out 95 attacks on Palestinians and their properties.

Largely ignored by the world’s media and the international community, Apartheid Israel continues its racist and murderous violence against the Palestinian people with impunity.

We ask you to stand with us this Saturday to let Palestinians know they are not alone in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality!

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