Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Dublin Demonstration: End The Siege of Gaza – Let the Flotilla Through (ISTG)

The Irish Ship to Gaza Campaign have organised a demonstration in support of Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human.

Assemble: Tuesday 28 June 6.00pm at Central Bank Plaza, Dame St, Dublin 2

March: Israeli Embassy, 122 Pembroke Rd

Via: The Gaiety Theatre (South King’s St) where Riverdance will be opening. Riverdance is scheduled to perform a series of shows in Israel in September, and the IPSC are organising a protest outside the opening night in the Gaiety at 6.30pm. The march will link up with this protest and go out to the Israeli Embassy. More info here)

The demonstration is supported by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Irish Anti-War Movement.

Support the Irish Ship to Gaza and the second Freedom Flotilla!

The Freedom Flotilla II, including the Irish Ship to Gaza and
the Mavi Marmara (which attacked in open waters last year by the Israelis with the loss of nine lives), sets sail for Palestine on or about the 28 June, with desperately needed supplies and equipment.

We are calling this demonstration to demand the Flotilla be given
unhindered access to the beleaguered people of Gaza and to focus the public and media attention on the mission, so as to help deter any repetition of last year’s attack.

Note: There will be an activist meeting on Monday June 20th @ 6.30pm to build for this demonstration

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