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[Dublin] Balfour Declaration – 101 Years On (PRI)

Palestinian Rights Institute invites you all to participate in a talk titled

(Balfour Declaration: 101 years on & the deal of the century)

Our speaker is Dr. Anas Altikreeti Founder & Director of the Cordoba foundation in London, and that will be on Thursday the 31/01/2019

Time: 6:00pm
Venue: DIT Aungier St, Room 2-046

There will also be a short Video presentation titled The Balfour Declaration.

The speaker will discuss the similarities between the Balfour declaration and the so called Deal of the Century, and after that there will be an open discussion.
Your participation and invitation of others is supportive of collectively building awareness and advocating for peoples rights.

Hosted by the Palestinian Rights Institute 

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