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[Cork] Short Course: Daily Life in the Holy Land in UCC

Short Course

Daily Life in the Holy Land

Will take place in:

 UCC, Centre for Adult Continuing Education (CACE)

Lecturer: Ms. Rola (Hamed) Abu Zeid – O’Neill,

Department of Sociology and Centre for Adult Continuing Education

Time/Dates: Thursday, 7-9 PM, 31st January 2013 to 4th April 2013

Duration: 10 weeks

Fees: 230 Euro    (25% reduction for receiving Concession Scheme)

Course Description

The short course will explore the daily life in Palestine and Israel, how it is and what it means to grow up and live in the “Holy Land”? What are the contradictions in that area?

In this course you will get acquainted with Christians, Muslims, Jews and Druze in the area, what it means to live together and/or beside each other and what are their cultural and traditional lives.

This course will present a short introduction about cultural, traditional, financial and political life in Palestine and Israel.

 This course will be run if there are at least 10 students.

 For course’ details and an application form, please visit:

For more information and details – please contact:

Ms. Sinead Lennon, ACE, email:

Tel: 021-4904739 or 4904700

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