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[Cork] Our Souls are Palestinian – selection of short films with Q&A (Cork Film Festival)

Saturday 15th November | 14.00 | Free and Unticketed | Crawford Art Gallery

This programme of short artist’s film works looks at Palestine from various perspectives – external, embedded and provocative. Each of the filmmakers go beyond mainstream media representations of Palestine to interrogate the emotional and political landscape through uncanny juxtaposition of image and text. This screening will be followed by a panel discussion about film media and the current situation in Palestine including Laurence Davis (Dept of Government UCC), Rola Abu Zeid O’Neill (Dept of Sociology UCC), Harry Browne (School of Media DIT). Curated and chaired by artist/filmmaker Aoife Desmond.

Short Films Screening:

They Do Not Exist (Laysa Iahum Wigid)

Shooting under extraordinary conditions, the director, who worked with Godard on his Ici et ​ Ailleurs (Here and Elsewhere), and founded the PLO’s film division, covers conditions in Lebanon’s refugee camps, the effects of Israeli bombardments, and the lives of guerrillas in training camps.

The Story of Milk and Honey

The Story of Milk and Honey is a short experimental video belonging to a larger project, which includes photographs, drawings and text, detailing an un-named individual’s failure to write a love story.

Story of I and Other Suggestive Landscapes

​Story of I and other Suggestive Landscapes is about journey that I used to make on regular basis, from 2011to 2013 between: Ramallah and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Dirty Pictures (Hotel Diaries #7)

​Moving from one hotel in Bethlehem to another in East Jerusalem, the filmmaker encounters a series of problems involving a ceiling, a video camera and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Future Archeology

​The project of a 3D [stereoscopic] film by Armin Linke and Francesco Mattuzzi, completed with the visual effects created by Francesco Siddi, refers to the 19th century invention of the stereoscopic technology, that was developed exactly for archaeological and military purposes.

Organsied by the Cork Film Festival

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