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NEW DATE: [Cork] Open Seminar: Dr. David Landy on Global Jewish Criticism of Israel and the Challenges of Practising International Solidarity (UCC Dept of Govt)

Department of Government, PhD in Government Research Seminar Series, Open Seminar

Monday 30th March, 2015 [NOTE DATE CHANGE]

2.00 – 3.30 pm

Venue: WGB_G02

Western Gateway Building, Western Road

University College Cork


“Global Jewish Criticism of Israel and the Challenges of Practising International Solidarity”

All are welcome

Over the last 15 years diaspora Jews have become increasingly critical of Israel, and a global Jewish movement that expresses solidarity with Palestinians has exploded onto the political scene. This movement has been extravagantly hailed by supporters of Palestinian rights, and equally extravagantly attacked by supporters of Israel.

What does this movement and the reactions to it say about the practice of international solidarity? Does the asymmetry in resources and the gaps in understanding mean that North-South solidarity is in fact mainly a relationship of charity rather than solidarity, and that its prime interest is with the identity development of the activists themselves, whether Jewish or other? Or conversely, do these groups create opportunities to develop relationships of genuine mutuality between diaspora Jewish activists and Palestinian subjects of solidarity?

Short Bio: Dr. David Landy is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology in Trinity College Dublin. His main research interests are the politics of ethnicity and identity; transnational social movements; and Israel/Palestine. He is the author of “Jewish Identity and Palestinian Rights: Diaspora Jewish Opposition to Israel”, and recently organised a conference in Trinity College Dublin on “International Solidarity: Practices, Problems, Possibilities”.

Further information: Contact Dr. Laurence Davis, Acting Director of the PhD in Government, Department of Government, University College Cork at

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