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[Cork] Harry Fear – Gaza Report World Tour: Reporting Aggression (UCC Islamic Society)

Harry Fear is a well established and internationally known Documentary maker and activist who primarily focuses on the situation in Palestine and in particular the Gaza strip. Harry was able to broadcast live images of the horrific attacks being carried out by Israel on the nearly defenseless population of Gaza during their assault which they called Pillar of Clouds Following this brutal assault on the Gaza Strip in November 2012, Harry is now on a worldwide tour to talk about the situation that afflicts Gaza, sharing his first-hand experience of war reporting.

Harry will arrive in Ireland following his tour in New Zealand on the 14th of Feb, with Cork as his first destination. He will be delivering the lecture in University College Cork (Boole lecture theatre 3 @ 18:00).

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Harrys first hand accounts on the dire situation in the Gaza strip and what you can do to help.

All are welcome to attend this event. Organised by UCC Islamic Society,

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