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[Cork] Film Screening: Stolen Children, Stolen Lives (Cork Film Festival)

The documentary ‘Stolen Children, Stolen Lives’, produced and directed by Gerry O’Sullivan is screening as part of the Cork Film Festival 2012. The director will introduce the screening. Part of a double bill, this is the second film on the bill.

When: Sun 11 Nov at 4:30pm (first film)
Where:  The Gate Cinema – Screen 5, Cork City
Cost: €6 / €5 (concession)
Runtime: 30mins

This documentary describes the arrests, imprisonment and abuses of Palestinian children aged between nine and fifteen by the Israeli military, the impact on them and the impact on Israeli soldiers.  One soldier describes how they arrested children without extracting any information from them – catching a child was considered to be a prize. He elaborates on the shocking events he encountered and the impact his military experience had on him.

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