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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Cork] Eye Witness accounts from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and the West Bank (SWP)

Thus 15th Dec, 8pm
Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street

The Cork Branch of the Socialist Workers Party are hosting a public Meeting
on Palestine on Thursday December 15th in the Metropole hotel, Maccurtain

The meeting will feature 2 eye witness accounts

Huey Lewis is a People Before Profit councillor form Dun Laoighre who was a
memeber of the Freedom Flotilla, which was illegally ambushed and captrued
by the Israeli Defence Forces while in International Waters, as it
attempted to breach the illegal blocade of Gaza. The flotilla aimed at
providing the starving people of Gaza with vital medical and food supplies.
The Flotilla members were held in an Israeli Jail. The harsh treatment they
received highlighted the desperate situation that people in Gaza find
themselves in, as starvation, lack of medical supplies, and a recent
increase in Israeli Air strikes, take their toll on the lives of the people.

Jim O’Connell is a member of the Cork Branch of the Socialist Workers
Party, and is a law student in UCC. During the month of November he
travelled as part of human rights group throughout the Israeli occupied
West Bank. He witnessed first hand, the shocking conditions that the
Palestinian population are forced to live under. His visit included time
spent in towns like Hebron, where the devastating effect of the illegal
Israeli settlements show all too clearly the need to finally address the
question of Palestinian freedom.

The meeting will also explore solutions to the Palestinian question, with
the background of Pro Democracy Revolutions in the Arab world during 2011
providing an alternative source of inspiration and hope.

This public meeting is open to all.

Organised by the Socialist Workers Party.

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