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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds – Taking the campaign to Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden in London is one of the five major hubs of the global diamond industry. On Saturday 20th August the IPSC is taking the Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds campaign to the centre of London’s diamond district to educate shoppers and jewellers about the trade in diamonds from Israel that fund war crimes and crimes against humanity.

We are linking up with and getting support from activists in the LondonBDS Group and the PSCs for the occasion.  We are hoping to encourage solidarity groups in other cities and countries to put the spotlight on the jewellery industry that day.      Israel’s diamond exports are rocketing – up 34% in the first half of this year.  We can not allow jewellers to stand in the shadows profiteering from the trade in diamonds that are generating huge amounts of revenue for the Israel military each year. Jewellers have to be held accountable for facilitating the masquerade whereby Israeli diamonds are sold to unsuspecting consumers under the guise of the totally unjustified, misleading and deceptive label of so-called “conflict free” diamonds.

The Kimberley Process, which the diamond industry and jewellers like to make such a song & dance about, makes no mention of the tern “conflict free” yet the jewellers deliberately use this unqualified term to describe all diamonds that fall outside the KP’s narrow definition of a conflict diamond and that includes diamonds from Zimbabwe and Israel.

Anyone who wants to join us in London that weekend should book flights asap as there is good value there at the moment. Map to Hatton Garden.

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