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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Bike Palestine: 10th – 17th September 2011

Cycle through history on the roads taken by pilgrims and crusaders

  • A unique experience in a new and exciting territory
  • Professional and experienced guides
  • Select accommodation and a rich enticing cuisine
  • Full logistical support and back-up transportation
  • Organised by the Siraj Center in Bethlehem with 10 years hospitality experience
  • Official recognition as a tourist entity in Palestine

Imagine cycling from Jenin to Hebron- passing Jerusalem and Bethlehem on the way. Immersed in the breathtaking Biblical landscape, taking the ancient roads of pilgrims and warriors- from the quiet of the Jerusalem Wilderness desert to the majesty of the Dead Sea

Experience the cultural and religious diversity of this fascinating country

Secure and easy cycling in an enchanted landscape rich in history

Getting here is simple. You fly to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel where we will collect you and take you to your hotel in Jenin


From Jenin to Jerusalem – A day by day breakdown

Day 1: Saturday:

On arrival at Ben Gurion Airport the Siraj Centre representative will transfer you to your hotel in Jenin. We will tour Jenin and take coffee in one of the numerous coffee bars. Accommodation will be at Hadad resort village outside of Jenin. Dinner and orientation.

Day 2: Sunday
Jenin to Nablus

Cycle from Jenin towards Sabastya, ancient Canaanite, Hellenistic and Roman city. Sabastya is believed to be the place where John the Baptist was beheaded. Lunch in Sabastya then tour the ancient city and meet with the local community. After lunch we cycle to Nabulus, tour the old city and enjoy a Turkish bath. Dinner and overnight in the Al- Yasmin hotel- in the old city of Nabulus

Day 3: Monday
Nablus to Taybeh

Cycle to Taybeh. There we’ll tour the old village and St. George’s Church. Then we’ll visit the Peace Lantern factory, the beer factory and enjoy dinner with local families. We’ll stay overnight in the Church guesthouse in Taybeh.

Day 4: Tuesday
Taybeh to Jericho and the Dead Sea

Cycle to Jericho. Visit Hisham’s Palace and the Mount of Temptation. Then cycle through the Jerusalem Wilderness to the Dead Sea. Dinner and overnight in the Jericho resort village.

Day 5: Wednesday

Cycle to Bethlehem. Visit Nabi Musa then take the dirt road to Mar Saba Monastery. Enjoy the wilderness and experience the landscape. After visiting Mar Saba Monastery we’ll cycle to Bethlehem. Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem. Accommodation will be in the Golden Park Resort Hotel in Beit Sahour.

Day 6: Thursday
Bethlehem to Hebron

Cycle around Bethlehem. Visit the Church of the Nativity and the Shepherd’s Field. In the afternoon we’ll cycle to Hebron and visit the old city. Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem Farewell party and Debkeh dance event in the tent restaurant.

Day 7: Friday
Hebron to Jerusalem

From the divided city of Hebron to the divisive city of Jerusalem

Day 8: Saturday

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