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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Belfast] Keep Hope Alive – The Olive Tree Campaign (JAI/YMCA Palestine)

Palestine YMCA Joint Advocacy Initiative
Keep Hope Alive – The Olive Tree Campaign

7:30 PM
Thursday 7th June
Peace House
224 Lisburn Road

In 2002 the YMCA of Palestine began the Joint Advocacy Initiative Olive Tree Campaign.  The Campaign aims to utilise international support for human rights in order to support Palestinian farmers and peacefully resist the further confiscation and destruction of their lands.

In response to the over two million trees, including over 600,000 olive trees that have been destroyed since 2000, the Joint Advocacy Initiative, with the aid of international volunteers, has planted or replanted over 60,000 olive and fruit trees.

The Initiative allows international supporters to contribute to its work in a number of ways, from personally participating in planting and harvesting in February or October of each year, to sponsoring an olive tree, or just buying Palestinian olive oil.

At Peace House, Richard Irvine, a two time volunteer and authorised speaker for the Initiative, will give an overview of the aims of the programme; the difficulties Palestinian farmers face; and the opportunities for volunteering or otherwise supporting the work of the Palestine YMCA.

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