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[Belfast] The Tragedy of War: An Israeli perspective from Idan Meir (QUB Pal-Soc)

We are delighted to be hosting a Jewish Israeli speaker who will give his perspectives on the Israel/Palestine conflict as well as discussing his own personal experiences as a member of the Israeli Defence Forces during the 2006 Lebanon war.

It would be our pleasure to cordially invite you all to hear this speaker so as to gender greater understanding of the issues surrounding the Israel/Palestine conflict from a different perspective than we have previously heard.

We are very proud to be hosting our first ever Israeli guest at the University.We would like you all to hear a different perspective on the Israel/Palestine conflict as well as a Personal story delivered to us by Idan Meir.

Idan is an Ex-Israeli Defence Forces Soldier having served in Lebanon in the 2006 war. He is a member of a group of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists called Combatants for Peace and he wishes to deliver a talk on his experiences in order to give an Israeli perspective on Palestine and Palestinians.

He will also talk about his projects since leaving the Army which allows for progressive education and understanding for the situation in Israel and Palestine that has been very successful so far both here and even in Tel Aviv at the very heart of Israel.

There will be time for questions during the talk and at the end. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Feel free to contact us via 07749409147 you can also reach us by responding to this email address directly by clicking reply.We aim to take this discussion forward in a moderate and liberal way so as to educate rather than alienate.

There will be security present at this lecture to ensure everyone including our guest speaker is safe.
You can find the event on facebook:
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Organised by the Queen’s University Belfast Palestine Solidarity Society
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