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[Belfast] The Palestine Lectures #2: Israeli Settlements and the Suffocation of the West Bank (Pal Ed)

On Tuesday 23rd October you are cordially invited to attend a public lecture outlining the effects of Israel’s illegal settlement programme on Palestinians communities in the occupied West Bank, with particular emphasis on the Jordan Valley and South Nablus regions. Hosted by the Palestine Education Initiative, this is the second in a series of six Belfast lectures to be delivered by noted academics and activists.

When: 7 pm Tuesday 233rd October 2012

Where:  St Mary’s University College, Falls Road, Belfast


Illegal under international law and declared an obstacle to peace, since 1967 over 200 Israeli settlements or colonies have been established on occupied Palestinian Territory. With an estimated population of over half a million and enjoying a greatly privileged and separate legal status from neighbouring Palestinians, Israel’s settlement programme has been accused of making life impossible for Palestinians through strangling and isolating communities. In this lecture, human rights advocate Dr Máiréad Collins will draw upon her personal experience and research to provide a survey of the main effects of the settlement programme on the lives of West Bank Palestinians.

Opportunities for questions and discussion will also be available at the close.

About the speaker:

Dr Máiréad Collins is an independent researcher and consultant on human rights policy and a former volunteer with the Ecumenical Accompaniers Programme for Palestine and Israel.

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