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CANCELLED [Belfast] Resistance in Bil’in: A Talk by Iyad Burnat

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to Israeli occupation forces violently beating Iyad Burnat, breaking two of his ribs, leaving him unable to travel. You can read Iyad’s account of this physical abuse here.

However, the event will go ahead with a screening of the Oscar-nominated ‘Five Broken Cameras’ by Imad Burnat, Iya’d brother, plus a Q&A in the same venue (Réalta Civic and Social Space, 48 King Street, BT1 6AD, Belfast) on September 7th at 7.30pm. More details here.

Iyad Burnat is the coordinator of the Popular Committee in Bil’in, Palestine, a small farming village 7 miles west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. For 10 years Iyad and the Popular Committee have organized weekly demonstrations against the illegal Israeli Apartheid Wall that has taken their farm land, olive trees, and livelihood.

His brother Emad Burnat filmed the Academy Awards’ documentary “FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS” that recorded the village resistance to Israel’s brutal oppression. The village has had several deaths and many severe, permanent injuries. This past summer Iyad’s 15-year-old son was shot in the leg by an Israeli military sniper, severing a nerve and requiring ongoing medical care. Iyad will describe what life is like under Israeli occupation, his village’s ongoing struggle for justice, human rights and freedom, and what inspires him to continue non-violent resistance.

In June 2015 the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict is recently awarded Iyad the James Lawson Award for Achievement in the Practice of Nonviolent Conflict.

Iyad will talk in detail about the occupation and the struggle that people face in the Occupied Territories, highlighting particularly the lack of infrastructure due to the demolition caused by the Occupying Forces and the need for more support for the education of Bi’lin and Palestine. Bi’lin is a particular village where the resistance has been struggling against the apartheid wall for the past 10 years.

Organised by local activists in Belfast.

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