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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Belfast] Remembering the Sabra and Shatila Massacre

41 years ago, Israeli forces occupying South Lebanon surrounded Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in South Beirut. On the 16th of September, the far right Christian Phalange militia stormed Sabra and Shatila massacring thousands of Palestinian refugees.

The Israeli military, under the command of Ariel Sharon, refused to allow Palestinians to flee the Phalangists going so far as to use flares to illuminate the camp at night.
The massacre went on for two days. As the bloodbath concluded, Israel supplied the bulldozers to dig mass graves.

The final death toll was up to 3,500 people.

Join the Belfast IPSC to commemorate this massacre and call for justice for all Palestinians for the crimes of apartheid Israel on Saturday 16th September at 12 noon at Belfast City Hall.

“They had stolen our motherland
but it wasn’t enough,
Now they came to steal our very souls.
They drove the bulldozers
over our bodies,
they turned the soil with our bones.
And when the concerned Night
finally came to hide us,
they used spotlights
to help Death find us.”
– Lina Abojaradeh

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