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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Belfast] Israel’s War On Palestinian Children: Palestine Day #1 at Feile an Phobail (IPSC)

As part of the annual Felie An Phobail, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) present two days of events in solidarity with the Palestinian people. All events are FREE and there will be stalls and exhibitions throughout the day.

Palestine Day #1: Israel’s War on Palestinian Children
Thursday 4th August 2016
St. Mary’s University College, Falls Road, Belfast.


12-2 pm          Palestinian Lunch. 

A selection of delicious homemade Palestinian food. There will be a small charge to cover costs.

2.00 pm           Film:  Small Hands in Handcuffs
Anrai Carroll, 2014, 40 mins

In October 2013, 16-year-old Anrai Carroll from Ireland travelled to Palestine to make a film on child arrests. With two tiny video cameras he went with his mum to the West Bank where he met and interviewed boys his own age to hear what its like to be arrested in the middle of the night by the Israeli Army and to live in fear of that knock on the door at 2am in the morning. The film charts not just the physical journey of 4,000km from Ireland to Palestine, but Anrai’s emotional journey from boy to young man.


3.30 pm           Film:  A Stone’s Throw from Prison
Raquel Castells, 2013, 70 mins

Between 2010 and 2014, nearly 3,000 Palestinian children were arrested by Israeli forces for reasons like throwing stones. Many are kept in solitary confinement for days, shackled and subjected to intimidating questioning without the presence of their parents or a lawyer. Mohammad Zedani, 14, has been arrested six times. The experience has left him traumatised: he struggles to sleep and displays symptoms of PTSD. We tell his story, along with those of Rami and Ahmed, three out of thousands of children affected by the occupation. We also hear from those working to stop the abuses.


7.00 pm           Film:  Salem Wasn’t Salem
(Mohammed Abedullah, 2016, 40 mins)

Salem in Arabic means safe, yet on the 22 Jul 2014 Gaza was anything but safe, especially for 23 year old Salem Khaleel Shamaly. Salem Wasn’t Salem (Salem Is Not Safe) is the story of a young man who was killed by a sniper bullet during the Gaza war of 2014 as he searched through the rubble for his family, as told by his good friend, human rights activist and film maker Mohammed AbedAllah from Gaza. The film will be introduced by Eileen Carr, an Irish human rights activist, and following the screening there will be a Q&A via video link with the director Mohammed Abedullah in Gaza.


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