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[Belfast] Gaza: Lives Under Siege and Under Attack (Pal Ed)

You are cordially invited to attend a public lecture on living conditions in Gaza by Eileen Carr.  Eileen is an anthropologist, mental health therapist and human rights worker who has lived in the West Bank and Gaza.  She is committed to raising awareness of human rights violations and relating the suffering and mental trauma of a society exposed to chronic levels of fear, loss and violence.

Time & Place: Tuesday 3 December 2013 at 7 pm, Lecture Theatre 1,  St Mary’s University College, Falls Road, Belfast

Her lecture will focus upon the effects of the ongoing blockade of Gaza; the trauma experienced by its people, particularly its youth; and her media work to bring attention to this ongoing human rights catastrophe.  During her lecture she will be showing films from the collective media project she is involved with.

The urgency of this lecture is evident is Eileen’s description of present conditions: “The situation currently in Gaza is that it is totally locked in and the water, fuel and medicine crisis is escalating.  The sewage system is breaking down leaving children wading through streets flowing with sewage.  None of this is shown by mainstream media but I am in daily contact with Gaza and have footage of same.  In the past week attacks have escalated and I have direct messages from local people as to their fear of what will happen in the coming days.”

Attendance is free and open to everyone, but donations to support Eileen’s work would be greatly appreciated.

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